MANIFEST (zine) Part of State-wide Art Treasure Hunt

I am totally psyched to announce that I am one of 15 artists selected by as part of their Connecticut statewide art treasure hunt called THE EXCHANGE, supported by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development and Connecticut Office of the Arts!

THE EXCHANGE is the brainchild of New Haven-based artists Suzan Shutan and Howard el-Yasin. In the New Haven Independent article “Artists Map Our Treasure Hunt,” Brian Slattery explains: “The idea behind The Exchange…is ​to encourage artists to embrace and promote curiosity and precarity as action, to support and explore; ​to enliven and challenge the communities at our landings; ​to be the spark that ignites possibilities; ​to dually highlight local artists as well as introducing communities to new viewpoints and practices by national and international artists; and to ​encourage artists to step outside their boundaries and experiment with the intersection of materials, production, presentation and means of engagement with audience and space.”

You can read more of Brian’s article HERE, then stay tuned for details coming soon!

Explore unconventional public exhibition sites as part of THE EXCHANGE, on view throughout Connecticut, August 15-November 1, 2022. 


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