Non-Fiction, Meditation
by Dale Carlson
Illustrated by Carol Nicklaus
256 pages, 5.5 x 8.5
Illustrations, Index, Resources
ISBN: 1-884158-21-8
$18.90, includes tax + shipping


“It turns out meditation is not separate from daily life,” explains award-winning author Dale Carlson. “It is taking time for walking or sitting in silence so your life can be reflected in the pool of that silence.” In STOP THE PAIN: ADULT MEDITATIONS, Carlson explores the intentions of meditation, the benefits of paying attention, and the many ways to incorporate meditation into your daily life. Discover a variety of techniques, thoughtful quotes, and suggested readings, with illustrations by Carol Nicklaus.

Originally published by Bick Publishing House, STOP THE PAIN: ADULT MEDITATIONS is offered through Three Chairs Publishing as a complement to our growing catalog of books.

dalecarlsonAuthor of over 70 books, adult and juvenile, fiction and nonfiction, Carlson has received three ALA Notable Book Awards, the Christopher Award, the ForeWord Book of the Year Award, YALSA Nomination Quick Picks for Young Adults, New York Public Library Best Books for Teens, VOYA Honor Book. She writes science, psychology, dialogue and meditation books for young adults, and general adult nonfiction. Among her titles are Addiction: The Brain Disease, Are You Human or What?, Girls Are Equal Too, In and Out of Your Mind: Teen Science, Human Bites, Stop the Pain: Teen Mediations, Talk: Teen Art of Communication, The Human Apes, The Mountain of Truth, The Teen Brain Book: Who and What Are You?, Understand Your Self: A Practical Manual to Understand Oneself, Where’s Your Head?, and Who Said What? Philosophy Quotes for Teens. Carlson has lived and taught in the Far East: India, Indonesia, China, Japan, and currently resides in Connecticut.

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