Book Reviews

  • “Evidence of Flossing: What We Leave Behind…is truth and beauty delivered to us in wide-eyed wonder by a child’s heart passionately in love with nature.”
    Rita Kowats, Spirituality Without Borders
  • “An unflinching account of our unshakeable relationship to the modern world around us, God, nature, and ourselves.”
    David W. Berner, Author & NPR Contributor
  • “Funny, sad, sexy, maddening…ultimately, a window into the fertile mind of a very thoughtful and creative being. This is what art reads like!”
    Greg Sammons, Award-Winning Graphic Designer/Musician
  • “Evidence of Flossing is a most unusual book, richly thoughtful and sorely, sorely needed.”
    Nancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely, author, Letter from Italy, 1944
  • “A master at storytelling, Jen Payne brings us to the realization that the stories she shares are actually ours.”
    Mary O’Connor, author, Life Is Full of Sweet Spots and Dreams of a Wingless Child