November 27
Interview + Giveaway, The Muffin

November 28
Book Review by Tara Huck, Words, Crazy Words

November 29
Guest Blogger (“The Importance of Retreat”) at Lauren Scharhag

December 4
Guest Blogger (“Blogging as a Creative Tool”) at Words, Crazy Words

December 5
Book Reivew by Nicole Pyles, World of My Imagination

December 6
Guest Blogger (“Everything is Connected”) with Mari McCarthy at Create Write Now

December 7
Book Review by Beverley A. Baird

December 7
Guest Blogger (“The Bravery of Storytelling”) at Writers Pay it Forward

December 8
Interview and Book Review by Anjanette Potter at Bookworm

December 11
Guest Blogger (“Finding Inspiration”) at CMash Loves to Read

December 12
Author Spotlight by Linda Appleman Shapiro

December 12
Book Review by David W. Berner at The Constant Story

December 13
Guest Blogger (“Exploring Mindfulness”) at Choices with Madeline Sharples

December 14
Book Review by Crystal Casavant-Otto at Bring on Lemons

December 15
Interview with Lisa Haselton at Lisa Haselton’s Reviews & Interviews.

December 18
Book Review by Luanne Castle at The Writer Site

December 19
Book Review by Mary O’Connor at Life is Full of Sweet Spots
Book Review by Christopher Liccardi

December 20
Book Review by Joss Burnell at Depth of A Woman

December 21
Book Review by Rita Kowats at Spirituality Without Borders

December 22
Book Review by Juliana Lightle at Writing on the Rim

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