In 2022, Three Chairs Publishing participated in THE EXCHANGE, a statewide artist treasure hunt with art installations throughout Connecticut! CLICK HERE for more about SomethingProjects and THE EXCHANGE!

My project was called HEROICALLY FOUND and considered: “How do we find equilibrium when all seems lost?” Explore answers in this printed, hold-in-your-hands art installation. Follow the clues, take a copy, then leave something “found” in exchange.

• Heroically Found is something Harvey Danger wants to do in Flagpole Sitta.
• You’ll find it at architect Solon Spencer Beman’s Branford connection.
• It’s a place that Beverly Cleary, Ben Franklin, and Marcel Duchamp have in common.
• While GPS finds the place, Melvil Dewey marks the spot.
• William Butler Yeats must be heroically found OR visit the display table in the lower lobby for a final clue.  

Follow THE EXCHANGE on Instagram or check back here (or on the 3 Chairs Instagram page) for more “found” submissions.

In 2022, longtime friends and artists, Howard el-Yasin and Suzan Shutan decided to partner and launched SomethingProjects: a nomadic and provisional space providing short-term exhibitions that dually highlight artists as well as introducing communities to new viewpoints and practices by state, regional, national and international artists. As an incubator for ideas it encourages artists to step outside their boundaries and experiment with the intersection of materials, production, presentation and means of engagement with audience and space. Their locations will change, and offer site-specific opportunities. For more information about SomethingProjects and THE EXCHANGE, visit

Supported by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut Office of the Arts, which also receives support from the federal ARPA.

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