Gift Ideas from Three Chairs Publishing

Waiting Out the Storm
Written from the shoreline of Connecticut and the wide and windswept beaches of Cape Cod, the poems in this book offer an intimate look at life transitions and how we cope with the unexpected. $15.00
A quirky photobook featuring artistic, ironic images of discarded dental flossers. 50% of all proceeds are donated to A Place Called Hope, Birds of Prey Rehabilitation & Education Center. $14.99
Evidence of Flossing:
What We Leave Behind
Inspired by Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, and Mary Oliver, this 178 page paperback presents poems and musings illustrated by 80 original and vintage color photographs. $21.99
LOOK UP! Musings on
the Nature of Mindfulness
This popular book includes essays and poems illustrated by 100 full-color photographs and quotations by philosophers, poets, naturalists, and famous writers. $24.95
Conversation Peace Postcards:
Evidence of Flossing
Start a Conversation with this set of twelve 4×6 color postcards featuring quirky photos from the book Evidence of Flossing. $12.99
Conversation Peace
Postcards: Look Up!
Twelve 4×6 color postcards featuring stunning, original photos from the book LOOK UP! Musings on the Nature of Mindfulness. $12.99


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