“Perhaps the book opened a door; books have a way of causing ripples.” ― Erika Swyler, The Book of Speculation

There is a particular joy in the serendipity of books. How one leads you to the next, how one echoes another without your choosing. How someone can ask have you read…? and you have, or have wanted to for a long time. How someone can say you must read… and you do and you know exactly why you should have.

I look forward to the new year, if for no other reason than the possibility of new books, new open doors, and new ripples upon which to surf. Join me?

I’ve just signed up for my 8th annual Goodreads Reading Challenge with a goal of reading 50 books. You can too!

CLICK HERE to take the challenge now.

Then let’s open the door and talk about books! Click here to connect with me on Goodreads.

©2020, Jen Payne. Photo from LOOK UP! Musings on the Nature of Mindfulness, which can be purchased here.

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