Creativity Makes a Great Gift!

Looking for something different to give to friends who appreciate interesting and creative gifts? Then consider a subscription to Manifest (zine).

Each issue is packed full of writing, photography, and artwork, along with bits and pieces of creative whatnot and a curated Spotify playlist. Layered with colors, textures, meanings (and music), the result is a thought-full, tactile journey with nooks and crannies to discover along the way.

As Broken Pencil Magazine recently wrote in its review: The result is essentially a portable contemporary art exhibit…[the] focus on physical quality (paper, image, colour assembly) alone makes it worth the price of admission.”

And now, just for the holidays, that price of admission includes a FREE gift issue!

Order a Manifest (zine) Gift Subscription, and we’ll send you the back issue of your choice along with a holiday card that acknowledges your 4-issue, 2022 subscription.


Gift Subscription Manifest (zine)
(Reg. Price $40)

*Upon receipt of payment, I’ll email to find out which back issue you’d like me to include and to whom I should send it.

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