A lovely review for MANIFEST (zine) from Sea Green Zines – check it out!

Sea Green Zines

Manifest (zine) #1
Jennifer Payne
1 Page Folded

Manifest (zine) #1 is a full colour 1-page-folded mini-zine that explores the theme of divine intervention in the forms of poetry, collage, and art.

This is the kind of paper that makes me want to pet zines.

Manifest (zine) #1 opens to a note set on a background of yellowed pages of (I believe) a book written in latin. The note asks the reader to contemplate the forces that inspire or otherwise cause is to move in our lives. From there the reader opens the zine once more to reveal side-by-side poems about change. Finally, we open to the middle spread: a combination of art, collage, and more poetry exploring self and change.

I have mentioned many times how poetry is something I don’t often connect with for a few reasons. That said, the poetry in this zine is more…

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